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By Bartek Bala, Supervisor, SEO  

Is your website compliant with Google’s E-A-T? No clue what that is?

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Google continues to adjust its search engine algorithms to determine the most trustworthy pages, especially for sensitive topics such as healthcare, finance, news, and a few more.  

Learn why E-A-T should be part of your SEO strategy

This white paper will cover topics like:

  • 1.) Etymology of E-A-T  
  • 2.) Overview of Google’s Search Quality Raters Guidelines (SQRG)
  • 3.) Importance of E-A-T for any healthcare website
  • 4.) Signal Google uses to assess the E-A-T
  • 5.) Is E-A-T a new SEO ranking factor?

About the Author

Bartosz Bała is the SEO Supervisor at Underscore Marketing, bringing 5 years of expertise in the SEO landscape. Bartosz designs SEO strategies to improve brand visibility and traffic quality among the biggest pharmaceutical brands in the US.

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